Scott Dineen: Short Bio

Scott became a performing singer-songwriter at the age of ten after winning a national songwriting competition and appearing on numerous local and national TV and radio programs. In the decades that followed Scott chased the colorful tapestry evoked in Dylan’s lyrics by touring the country as a circus juggler and street performer and continually reinventing himself by adopting new countries, languages, and passions.

After ten years of classical guitar study as an adult, Scott began gigging extensively at weddings, restaurants, and wineries and then turned attention to swing jazz, playing nylon-string guitar and singing French chansons for six years as a founding member of Swingology DC. A lifelong Dylan fan, Scott has been practicing and performing Bob Dylan tunes the way some people practice and perform church hymns for solace, communion, and inspiration. “Deeply internalizing Dylan’s music and lyrics, interpreting the music faithfully but through the lens of my authentic self for the audience–there is no greater feeling.”